Ryžovna Rapl 13° / packaging of beers

The semi-dark special beer is unforgettable, full of emotions and tastes. It is characterized by the combination of many flavours from five different types of malt. It is top-fermented but finely brewed with seasoning and hops. During the first hop cooking, it stays in the Czech Republic, during the second it runs around the Czech-German border and for the third hop cooking it sets off across the ocean. It's just a rapper. Medium gentleness and full-body inspire gentlemen, finer bitterness, creamy foam and wonderful fragrance with herbal to light fruit tones appeal to their counterpart. Rapl is and will be irresistible to everyone!

€68.97 VAT included
€68.97 VAT included

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 12.

MJ Packaging Price Quantity
0.75l Glas €135.97
0.5l Glas €68.97
1l PET €131.97


Beer type
Polotmavý ležák