Ryžovna Boží Dar 12° / packaging of beers

Bottom-fermented light lager beer of the Pilsen type. The dark golden Boží Dar with a full-body, a medium-cut and creamy foam is unpasteurized and unfiltered, hand-crafted twelve with ambitions to appeal to every connoisseur of beer liquor. This is how the Brewery Pivovar Ryžovna imagines an ideal lager. The beer is honest, well drinkable, with balanced, rather fading bitterness and fluffy foam.

€68.97 VAT included
€68.97 VAT included

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 12.

MJ Packaging Price Quantity
0.75l Glas €134.98
0.5l Glas €68.97
1l PET €126.97


Beer type
Light lager